Monday, September 26, 2011

National Qualifying Regatta

I am in Halifax, Nova Scotia for the National Qualifying Regatta - the qualifier for the Canadian Sailing Team.

Final results here

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Wednesday, September 28
Today was the first day of racing at the NQRs. In the first race I had a decent start and was at the front of the fleet early. I got stuck a bit in the middle halfway up on the beat and lost out to boats on either side and rounded around 10. I gained a few throughout to finish 6th (became 3rd after 3 boats ahead were OCS). In the second and third races I did not get off the line well and rounded the first weather mark around 14 in both races. I made some gains in each race to finish 9 and 10. After the first day of racing I am in 5th.

Thursday, September 29
Today was the second day of racing. With bad weather forecast for tomorrow, the race committee was keen to get in 4 races. I was a bit timid on the line today, but was able to make good calls and had solid downwind speed. The first three races were quite similar with pressure on the left side of the course. I was able to string together 3 good races scoring a 3,4,6. In the last race of the day I started near the boat and the wind went hard left, leaving me behind the lead group. I rounded the first leeward mark around 10. On the second beat I did a good job of spotting the new pressure and sailed the lifted tack to the right side of the course and came back in good pressure to round the weather mark 4. I passed another boat on the run to finish 3. I dropped one spot to 6th overall today, but was able to open up a nice gap to the boats behind.

Friday, September 30
Today we had a very similar breeze to yesterday with an 8-15 knot southerly. I was able to identify the similarities to yesterday and was able to put together a solid, consistent day, posting a 4,5,5. I had good speed on the downwinds again, but was often near the front at the first mark which made things a little easier for me. After 10 races I am in 6th overall. Only one race is scheduled for tomorrow. I can finish as high as third, but no lower than 6th.

Saturday, October 1
Today was the last day of racing, with only one race left to complete the series. Before the start the wind was quite unstable, ranging from 180 to 230. I decided I wanted to win the pin and hit the left. I had a great start, winning the pin and had a clear lane to left. I tacked back to the right a bit early and lost a few boats who went further left and rounded the first mark 3rd. I had a good run and rounded the bottom 2nd, lost one on the beat and finished 3rd. The boat who won the race was OCS, moving me up to 2nd in the race. I finished 5th overall and was 3rd Canadian.