Thursday, July 19, 2012

2012 Laser North American Championships

The 2012 Laser North American Championships are being held on the Columbia Gorge in Cascade Locks, Oregon. Results and photos can be found on the CGRA website.

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Today was the first day of racing. After a short delay on shore, the wind filled in and we were sent out. The wind was up and down today, ranging from 8 to 20 knots, with some very localized pressure which made for some tricky racing. The current was also ripping upwind, making starting and getting around the marks very difficult. In the first race I had a good start and got out cleanly, but missed out on a bit of pressure and rounded the weather mark around 10. I had a good run and rounded the bottom 2nd. At the next leeward mark I was 3rd, and picked off the two boats ahead on the reaching legs to finish 1st. In the second race I had an okay start, but tacked out early to the right side to get into the current. I got the first beat right and rounded the weather mark 1st, but did not have a clean exit from the mark and lost on the first run and rounded the bottom around 6. I was 2nd to the next top mark, but lost a couple on the next run and finished 4th. In the third race I did not have as good of a start and tacked out early. I missed out on a big puff on the left and rounded the weather mark around 10. I did not have a great run, but was able to move up to 7th on the next beat and stayed there until the finish. After the first day of racing I am in 3rd.

2012 Laser Gorge Blowout

On Tuesday I sailed the Laser Gorge Blowout on the Columbia Gorge - an 18 mile downwind race against current, split into two legs.

The first leg had some lighter air, but on the second leg the Gorge delivered with the wind steady around 20 knots. I had a great battle with Greg Martinez, Chris Barnard and Alex Heinzemann, finishing overlapped with Alex and with the other two boats within 30 seconds. I finished 3rd on combined time.

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