Saturday, January 23, 2010

Miami OCR

I am in Miami for the Miami Olympic Classes Regatta, an ISAF World Cup event. Racing runs Monday through Friday, with a medal race Saturday. Follow the regatta website here.

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Saturday, January 23
I arrived in Miami this morning. I went for a short sail today, joining up with US sailor Kyle Rogachenko for a quick upwind and a long downwind back to the regatta centre. Registration is tomorrow and racing begins Monday.
Weather: Partly cloudy, 28 degrees, NE, 8-12

Sunday, January 24
I took today off. Racing begins tomorrow with two races scheduled

Monday, January 25
After a long delay on shore waiting for a cold front to pass through, the fleet was finally sent out at 3. After more delays on the water we finally got underway at 4. I didn't have a great start, but was able to get clear air out to the left side and came back on some nice pressure and rounded the weather mark in 8th. I lost 1 boat on the first run, one more on the next beat and two on the final run to finish 12th. Racing continues tomorrow.
Weather: 26 degrees, cloudy, NW,12 knots dying to 6

Tuesday, Janaury 26
After a short race committee delay racing got underway in a northerly with big velocity changes and 15 degree shifts. In the first race I had a poor start and had a tough time on the first beat. I passed a few boats on the reach, 5 more on the run, 10 on the second beat and finished 16th. In the second race I had a better start, but again lost my lane. I picked a good lane upwind and came into the weather mark in good position. I lost two boats on the last run and finished 14th. In the last race I had a better start, but lost the lane again after a few minutes. I rounded the weather mark around 30th. I passed a few boats on the run, but lost a big group of boats on the last run and finished 39th. After 4 races I am in 39th overall. Tomorrow is the last day of qualifying races with two races scheduled.
Weather: 24 degrees, sunny, N, 6-14 knots

Wednesday, January 27
Today we had a similar wind direction with big changes in velocity and direction, but a lower average wind. I had trouble with my starts in both races today, but was quick downwind. I need to work on my positioning relative to other boats in the pre start and my ability to hold my spot. I am going too slow and am therefore unable to have a proper acceleration. I scored a 29 and a 30 today and just managed to qualify for gold fleet racing. There are two races scheduled for tomorrow.
Weather: 25 degrees, sunny, N, 4-10 knots

Thursday, January 28
Today we had an easterly wind with big changes in both velocity and direction. I did a better job today of getting a clear spot on the line, but was still a bit late pulling the trigger and lost my lanes a few minutes after the start. In the first race I had a poor first beat and rounded deep around the first weather mark. I was quick on both runs and was able to make gains around the track to finish 34th. In the second race I got clear out to the left hand side of the course and rode a nice leftie back across. I rounded the weather mark in the top 20, gained distance on the first run, lost a few on the second beat, and then gained a couple back on the last run to finish 18th. Tomorrow is the last day of finals racing with two races scheduled.
Weather: 26 degrees, partly cloudy, E, 6-12 knots

Friday, January 29
Today was the last day of finals racing. We sailed in a moderate southeasterly wind with slow wind shifts. My starting was better today, but I did not always put the boat in the right place on the course to take advantage of the wind shifts. In the first race I had an okay start, but missed out on a few shifts on the first beat and found myself near the back of the pack. I sailed a quick first run, passing some boats and gaining distance to the group ahead. I was quick again on the following run and caught up to a big group of boats. I managed to escape low on the final reach and hooked into coach boat wake, passing 15 boats to finish 21. In the second race I had a better start and played up the left hand side of the course. The first beat ended with a slow right hand winder and I did not manage to come back from the left side. I had a below par first run and was left too far back to make any gains and finished with a 44.
I finished 43rd overall in the event. Next up is the Laser Midwinter's Regattain Clearwater, Florida in two weeks.