Thursday, June 25, 2009

2009 Laser North Americans

The 2009 Laser North American Championships are being held at Buffalo Canoe Club June 25-28. Results can be found here. Click on read more for daily reports.

Thursday, June 25
Today was the first day of racing. We had a late first start and did not hit the water until 12:30. The wind was out of the northwest but with thunderstorms approaching the fleet was sent in. After delaying onshore until 4 the fleet was sent back out in a southerly breeze. The race committee tried to start races, but the wind did not cooperate and racing was abandoned for the day. The first start tomorrow has been pushed up from 11:00 to 9:30.
Weather: Stormy, 25 degrees

Friday, June 26
Today started out in a light southwesterly breeze. The wind came and went with some increases in velocity, and some big pulls to the right. In the first race I had a good start but was a bit back from the leading pack. I sailed an okay race and finished 9th. In the second race I had a good start but was on the wrong side of the course when the gradient came back in. When a big thundercloud rolled through the wind shifted drastically and I was able to take advantage and came back to 4th. In the third race I had a weak start but was able to get clear to the left side of the course and was able to make some gains on the first beat. I stayed even and finished 7th. In the last race of the day the wind was up nicely. I had a good start at the boat and after letting one boat tack I had a clear lane. I lost a bit to the boats around on the first beat but gained it back on positioning coming into the windward mark and rounded around 4. I was slow on the first run and lost 4 boats. I was quick on the next run and caught up to the boats ahead, but it was not enough to pass and I finished 8th. After 4 races I am in 11th. Racing continues tomorrow with the fleet split into gold and silver.
Weather: Partly cloudy, 25 degrees, 5-12 knots

Saturday, June 27
Racing started out today in a light northerly wind with bands of pressure. In the first race I had a poor start and found myself on the wrong side of the course at the top and rounded the windward near the back. I was able to stay focused and passed boats throughout the race to finish in 19th. The wind swung around to the SW before the race committee could start the next race. Again I had a poor start but was able to get a clear lane and made some smart moves up the first beat to round the windward in 2nd, but I hit the mark and fell back to near 10th and stayed even to finish 10th. In the third race I got out okay but made a few mistake and finished 14th. In the last race I played a good first beat and rounded the first windward in the top 10 and had a good first run to round the bottom in 5th. I played the wrong side up the second beat and lost 10 boats when the pressure came in on the left. I managed to pass a couple of boats and finished 14th. Tomorrow is the last day of racing.
Weather: Sunny, 26 degrees, 5-14 knots

Sunday, June 28
Today started out with a light southwesterly wind, but before we could get a start in the wind swung to the south and picked up. In the first race I lost my feel of the line and had a terrible start and rounded the first mark in the 40s. I was unable to make up much ground and finished 26th. In the next race I had a great start near the boat and held my lane nicely. I lost out a bit when the left side came in at the top and rounded around 10. I was quick on the first run, passing a couple of boats and making gains. I had a good second beat extending on the boats behind. On the final run we ran into the silver radial fleet and I was stuck going slow and lost two boats to finish 10th. I finished 12th overall in the event.
Weather: Cloudy, 20 degrees, 6-12 knots